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Basic types of yachts

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The shape of the yacht is differentiated according to its function. Generally, the design of the appearance still takes the practicality as the premise, and then considers the aesthetics and market orientation to change the so-called streamlined shape. In recent years, the shape of luxury yachts is like other industrial products, gradually adopting more affinity arc lines instead of sharp corners or straight lines. Of course, this has a considerable relationship with the improvement of production technology.

1. Megayacht: A large, fast luxury yacht with luxurious interiors and complete equipment suitable for long-distance sailing. The color lines of the shape are simple. Presenting a calm and elegant style, it is adopted by most large luxury yachts over 100'.

2. Sedan: No fishing equipment, with upper and lower bridges and large salons. There is no cabin on the stern. It is an open space with more rounded lines. It has been used in various industries in recent years. A consistent trend in styling.

3. Sun deck: The main feature of the Sundeck ship type is the addition of a cabin on the stern and the open space on the aft deck with sun visors.

4. Open Type: For yachts without buildings, there is an open-air driving area and open space above the main deck.

5. Runabout: A small speedboat. There is no cabin below the deck, and the ship speed is high.

6. Sport Fisherman: It has complete fishing equipment. The characteristic of this type of ship is that the driver's cab is located on the upper deck and the height of the backboard is very close to the water surface. This shape is mainly used to meet the needs of sea fishermen.

7. Multi-purpose yacht (Convertible): Similar to the sport fisherman, but the awning and fishing frame above the upper bridge can be removed to become a general yacht.

8. Hydroplane: High-speed rowing. The lower wind-receiving area above the deck is the most important feature of the Hydroplane's shape, which aims to reduce the wind resistance of the boat at high speeds.

9. Trawler: The main feature is that the bow line is smoother and the speed of the ship is slower.