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Classification and introduction of yachts

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Sporty yacht

Small yachts between 20 feet and 35 feet are mostly of this type.

Generally equipped with a high-power engine, the pursuit of the ultimate speed, the configuration is relatively simple. The open-head type does not have a cabin, and the bow is equipped with comfortable seats for riding in the wind; the closed-head type has a cabin for 2-3 people to rest, as a sea base for water skiing, diving, etc. Appropriate.

Leisure Yacht

Most medium-sized yachts ranging from 35 to 60 feet are of this type.

Family vacation yachts can be used for 3-6 people to go to sea for vacation. It has at least one cabin, usually with 2-3 bedrooms. In addition, there are many family convenience facilities such as kitchen, guest room, game room, etc., with enough supplies to stay at sea During the week, the design also focused on creating a warm family atmosphere.

Sea fishing yachts are similar in scale to household boats. The cab on the upper deck caters to the needs of sea fishermen. The boats are usually equipped with fish storage tanks, fishing rod holders, bait boxes, pulleys, and other complete sets of sea fishing equipment. With wire racks and fish trackers, and equipped with a kitchen in the living room, there is no place where you can enjoy a seafood meal when the ingredients are freshest.

Business Yacht

Large yachts over 60 feet are mostly of this type, and super yachts over 120 feet.

The decoration is high-end and solemn, mostly used for business meetings, corporate gatherings and public relations promotion and other business activities, usually equipped with 3-5 bedrooms, which can accommodate 6-10 people to rest, communication, conference and office equipment are complete, and the deck rest area behind the boat , Reception and dining areas are larger, making business exchanges go smoothly in a relaxed atmosphere.

As a top luxury yacht, the superyacht has unparalleled quality of facilities and design style, restaurants, bars, spas, cinemas, gyms, deck golf, aprons... and even simple clinics with private doctors. Almost all land activities you can think of can be in Implemented here.