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Classification of yachts

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In terms of size, there are three types: small yachts below 36 feet, medium yachts 36-60 feet, and large luxury yachts above 60 feet. The unit of specifications for international standard yachts is calculated in feet.

There are also three categories according to function:

1. Sports yachts, comparable yachts are all small yachts or speedboats. This type of yachts are generally designed with speed as a feature, and the price is low, and the configuration is simple. Therefore, among the young people and even the middle and low class people Very marketable.

   2. Recreational yachts, most of these yachts are purchased by families and used for family vacations. Generally speaking, yachts of about 30 feet to 45 feet are the main ones, and the convenience of family use is also taken into consideration in the design. At least one cabin has more than one cabin and less than 3 or 4 rooms. The decoration is also characterized by a family atmosphere, and most types of yachts on the market are mainly of this type.

3. Business yachts. These yachts are generally large-sized yachts with luxurious decoration inside, or luxury yachts. They are generally used for purchases by large corporate groups, legal persons and CEOs, and are mostly used for business meetings and company gatherings. , Small-scale PARTY and public relations promotion and other small circle high-level business activities involving enterprises and products.

According to the most popular types in the world are: flat boats, bass boats, sampans, deck boats, bow riders speed boats, high-speed racing boats, water skis, tow boats, pontoon boats, sea fishing boats, fishing boats, Catamarans, fishing boats, fishing boats, sailing boats, overnight cruisers and other major categories. This category is the most commonly used and popular! ! !

Divided by regional style: yacht players generally choose their favorite yachts according to their tastes. For example, Italian yachts reflect the romantic design, luxury and elegance represent the trend of modern yachts; American yachts reflect personal taste and pay attention to self-individual design; British yachts have a strong classical aristocratic atmosphere; Taiwan yachts are more casual. It is more suitable for most Chinese people; currently 30% of Hong Kong yachts are made in Taiwan, and the American features of Taiwan yachts are in good sales in the United States.

Of course, sailing is also a big species of yachts. Sailing requires a high level of sailing experience and maneuvering skills. Therefore, most of them are engaged in sports competitions or transoceanic sailing, and sailing transoceanic sports is the highest level of yachting. !

There are many different types of yachts, here are a few more:

In terms of sailing area, the types are divided into: 1) ocean-going yachts; 2) offshore yachts; 3) coastal yachts; 4) narrow channel yachts; 5) inland yachts.

In terms of hull types, yachts are divided into: 1) exposed yachts-undecked yachts; 2) partially exposed yachts-undecked yachts with part of the superstructure; 3) sealed yachts-installed to avoid water entry Yachts with complete structural superstructures; 4) Yachts with decks-yachts with complete structural laminates. All open-air parts are protected by superstructures, coverings or access hatches.

In terms of propulsion system, yachts are divided into: 1) paddle-powered yachts-yachts that use oars as the main method of propulsion; 2) sail-driven yachts-yachts that use sails as the main method of propulsion; 3) motor yachts-use motors as the main method of propulsion Yachts with main propulsion methods; 4) Sail and motor yachts-yachts that can use sails and motors as propulsion methods.