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Daily maintenance and maintenance of yacht exterior

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The yacht should be wiped with a soft cloth every morning to remove the water droplets left by the fog at night, and pay special attention to windows, stainless steel metal parts, finishing parts and soft cushions used outdoors.

1. Hull and waterline:

  The hull is generally cleaned once a week, or when needed, depending on the water quality of the yacht's location. You can use a special marine cleaning fluid to clean the hull, but you should pay attention to the product description when using it, because some cleaning fluids may affect the coating on the bottom of the ship that prevents sea creatures from adhering. 

2. Porthole glass:

  Yacht’s porthole glass can use yacht-specific glass maintenance products. Yacht-specific products have clean and waterproof effects. They can penetrate into the pores of the glass to form a surface protective film and provide a clear line of sight. It can block water droplets from leaving traces on the glass and let the glass Keep it clean every day.

3. Soft cushion:

  The outdoor open-air cushion should be kept as dry as possible. When not in use, it can be wrapped with a cushion cover or placed vertically in the storage compartment. After the rain or after cleaning the yacht, the cushion will generally be removed. Wet. At this time, wipe off the moisture on the cushion as much as possible to keep it dry. If the cushion becomes dirty or stained, you can use a yacht-specific cleaner to clean it.

4. Canvas:

  You can use warm cleaning fluid to clean. In areas with wrinkles, such as buttonholes, some salt will accumulate. You can apply petroleum jelly after cleaning, and apply it every 120 days.

5. Transparent plastic window:

  Plastic windows can be cleaned with water and dried with a soft cloth. When you roll up the window, be careful not to cause scratches and damage. Do not keep the window rolled up for a long time. This may cause discoloration. It is best to roll it up during the day and put it down at night.

  The place with the zipper is also easy to accumulate salt, and it can be cleaned with warm cleaning liquid every 120 days.

6. The hatch cover on the deck:

  There is a groove under the hatch cover on the deck to collect and discharge the water that flows into the gap of the hatch cover. After each boat wash, open the hatch covers on all decks, clean the grooves, and dry them. In the case of long-term non-use, it is best to open the hatch cover once a month, and wipe the sealing strip on the hatch cover with warm cleaning fluid.