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Fishing boat speed ratio

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It is generally divided into three basic types according to the speed ratio of the fishing boat. This is another dimensionless number. In addition to the flight of the fishing boat, in addition to the square root of the water line, it is obtained. For example, the maximum speed of 25 feet is 12 sections, with a speed ratio of 2.4, as well as the regular line of the ocean, the sailing speed is 28, the water line is 1000 feet, its speed is 0.885.

Similar to the regular lines of the Ocean, the fishing boat does not generate lift during high-speed driving. The maximum speed ratio of the true drainage hull is 1. 34. At this speed, although the power is increased but only allows the tail of the boat to deepen, but cannot increase the speed of the boat. Rowboats, CANOES, Trll? Wier Type Vessels, and standard sail boats, etc. have typical drainage boats.

For example, a water line of a silent ship is 25 feet, and the square root (or 5) of 25 is multiplied at a speed ratio 1. 34, and its speed is 6.7, or approximately 71 /. Miles per hour. This is the "Hull S," HULL S 叩 Pee called D) 'flying to increase the sails and power, which can only overcome the boat and its equipment.

Another type is a semi-drainable boat, which often has a circular Russian and a fairly wide tail plate to obtain a lift from the water flow below the boat. It has a higher speed than the drainage, and the speed is more than 2.5. For example, Maine's hob boats, some of the brisk sailboats, yachts and various vast tour boats. This type is also known as a half-slip boat.