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How to choose a suitable private yacht

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In fact, choosing a yacht is like choosing a car on the one hand, considering its driving performance, speed, range, service life, safety, etc. On the other hand, it is like choosing a house, which should be comfortable, convenient, well-designed, and decorated. Beautiful and luxurious, there are sound insulation effect, heat preservation effect, whether it is convenient to clean, entertain guests and so on. Choose an appropriate range according to your own use and your own situation.

1. Use occasion
Yachts are very ideal places for private gatherings, and gatherings on yachts are divided into two types: berth and offshore.
A mooring party is generally that the yacht is moored on the pier and not sailing. At this time, the purpose of the yacht is like a villa, which can receive guests the most. For offshore gatherings, the yacht leaves the pier for sailing. At this time, the number, time, and content of the reception must match the situation of the yacht. For example, if it is a short-term offshore gathering, usually a few hours to most of the day, the main thing to consider is the interior space and passenger capacity of the yacht.
If it is a long-term offshore trip and needs to spend the night on a yacht, then the cabin, berths, water and food reserves, fuel, endurance, entertainment facilities, etc. of the yacht must be considered.
If there are short-term offshore projects during the period, such as short trips to the sea or islands, the number of people will be reduced a lot. At this time, there is a standard to ensure that all guests can stay in the cabin at the same time, or on the deck at the same time.

2. Use water
When used in different waters, the requirements for yachts are also different. Mainly related to the ship's draft, speed limit, and even suitable for salt water or fresh water.
For example, small yachts are often chosen for use in Taihu Lake, because their draft is generally shallow and the speed cannot be too fast, so when choosing an engine, you don't need to choose too much horsepower. At the same time, it is necessary to formulate a corresponding maintenance plan in view of the large amount of water and grass in Taihu Lake.
If you are using it at sea, you must choose a saltwater series yacht. The design of the engine, propeller, and hull should all choose the saltwater series, or called the seawater series.

3. Personal hobbies
If you have a fanatical pursuit of speed, then choose the largest engine. If you like fishing, you can choose to install fish search radar and other devices. If you like diving, like to play on different islands and beaches, then you can do it when you order Consider leaving enough space for auxiliary boats, jet skis, etc. These are relatively large reference factors, because they will have a relatively large impact on the price when ordering yachts and the layout of the hull, so they also need to be considered.
After clarifying the above-mentioned purposes and the requirements of its own characteristics, the general standard and outline of the ideal yacht in the mind almost appeared. The style, approximate size, and most important configuration of the yacht are basically known, so the following is the purchase and comparison.