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How to clean and maintain a yacht

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How to clean and maintain a yacht

1. The hull is generally cleaned once a week, or when needed, this depends on the water quality of the yacht's location. You can use a special marine cleaning fluid to clean the hull, but you should pay attention to the product description when using it, because some cleaning fluids may affect the coating on the bottom of the ship that prevents sea creatures from adhering.


2. Whether the yacht is cruising or moored at the dock, it will be contaminated with stolen goods, dust, bird droppings, and the salt crystal layer left by the evaporation of the seawater splashed on the yacht. These substances will damage the surface gel coat of the yacht to a certain extent. Function, so every time after using the yacht, it must be cleaned with fresh water. If it is not used for a long time, it must be cleaned at least once a week.


3. When cleaning the yacht, choose a suitable cleaning fluid according to the actual situation of the yacht. Wipe the surface of the yacht with your hand. If it is not dirty, just rinse it with fresh water and dry it.


4. When choosing a cleaning fluid, you should choose a neutral cleaning product specially designed for yachts. Inappropriate cleaning fluid may reduce the life of the gel coat or spray paint.


5. When cleaning the yacht, it should be cleaned from high to low, from bow to stern. Because most yachts are designed into this drainage line. After the cleaning is completed, it is very important not to let the cleaning fluid or water remaining on the hull of the ship dry by itself in the sun.