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How to maintain FRP fishing boats

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Avoid scratches

Although the strength of the fiberglass hull is relatively high, it is necessary to avoid being scratched by hard objects, to take anti-collision measures, and to moor and dock correctly, because most of the hull scratches are generated during the docking process, so Be extra cautious when docking.

Repair in time if damage occurs

If you find that the hull has deep scratches or fibers have been exposed, you must repair it in time, because the hull has lost its protective layer at this time, so once the seawater penetrates, it will accelerate the aging of the hull.

Try to land and dock to extend service life

When the yacht is not used for a long time, it is best to go ashore for storage. There are data showing that storing a yacht ashore can prolong the service life of a yacht by one third of that of docking in the water. The yacht should be thoroughly cleaned before storage, especially the cleaning of some crevices. It can be stored indoors if possible, and in the open air if not.

Avoid sun exposure

The protection of the fiberglass hull is also reflected in shading. When the boat is not going to sea, try to avoid exposing the hull to the sun, because glass fiber is not suitable for exposure. It is best to ask the manufacturer for a tarp (the tarp is generally larger and needs special customization), and the tarp is covered when the hull is resting, so as to maximize the protection of the boat.