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How to maintain FRP yachts

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Avoid contact with hard objects when parking, and repair damaged parts in time

To put it bluntly, FRP is a fiber reinforced plastic. Although it has many advantages, it also needs to be paid attention to in daily use. If the hull collides with rocks or some metal objects on the shore, it will also cause a certain degree of damage to the hull.

Therefore, avoid collisions with sharp or hard objects when berthing. It is best to set up some anti-collision rubber materials at the dock or ship's side to protect the hull from damage. Rubber and other materials are also laid on the deck to extend the service life. If there are scratches and deep scratches or resin peeling off, they must be repaired in time.

Avoid long-term sun exposure

Long-term exposure to the sun is very detrimental to the hull, it will accelerate the aging of the glass fiber reinforced plastic yacht, and the hull color will also be affected. Therefore, it is best to have shading facilities in the parking place.

Clean the yacht frequently and remove the salt and frost in time

Various minerals or pollutants in the ocean can cause damage to the hull. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the yacht frequently. When cleaning, use ordinary household cleaners, not strong acids and alkalis. After washing, rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. If the hull has salt crystals, it should be removed in time to prevent the aging of FRP.

Wax regularly and apply paint in time

Waxing is also a kind of protection for the hull, similar to wearing a protective suit on the hull. If the yacht has been used for a period of time, the color and brightness of the surface has become old, or there are many scratches, then it is best to paint the yacht. This method can make the yacht look like new again.