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How to maintain a yacht in winter

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The heavy snowfall in winter is not suitable for enjoying yacht life. Many ship owners will idle their yachts for several months until the summer. The extremely cold temperature is another important factor that may damage the yacht after the sea salt mist and the sun and rain.

So how should you maintain your yacht in winter?

Like the car, the winter use and maintenance of the yacht first need to check the antifreeze. All water-containing devices must contain an appropriate amount of antifreeze. Antifreeze is suitable for various climatic conditions: it can expand the working temperature range, reduce the freezing point and increase the boiling point. When the temperature is close to 0 ℃, in order to avoid freezing, please ensure that the cooling tube is filled with antifreeze mixture. Before starting the system for injecting antifreeze mixture, the cooling circuit needs to be cleaned. Nevertheless, whenever the outside temperature drops below 0°C, the water (fresh water or sea water) in the pipeline may still freeze and cause the pipeline to rupture. Therefore, it is necessary to diligently inspect all water-containing systems and equipment, including seawater systems (engine cooling systems, generator cooling systems, etc.) and freshwater systems (wiper wipers, freshwater pumps, etc.).

Before the engine and generator enter the winter, let fresh water flow into the seawater circuit, check the antifreeze and sacrificial anodes to prevent electrochemical corrosion, remove the accumulated salt and spray the protective agent. Check the oil and fuel filter and replace if necessary. Carry out maintenance according to the usage and maintenance guidelines provided by the engine and generator manufacturers.

The battery checks the liquid level and keeps charging the battery once a week. Protect the contact terminals with grease and petroleum jelly; it is best to disconnect all batteries from the system and charge the batteries regularly with a separate charger.

Outdoor cushions and sun cushions Remove all cushions and store them in a dry place.

Cover the sofa with a cloth cover for wood and cabin leather. Use the provided special shading cloth to block all windows to maximize the blocking of light from entering the cabin, especially to avoid the impact of ultraviolet rays on the color of wood and fabric.

The teak deck is washed with water and neutral soap and treated with appropriate products. Use sandpaper only when necessary.

Aluminum and steel are cleaned with fresh water to clean all metal parts, and then wiped with a rag dipped in petroleum jelly for protection.

Sacrifice the anode to check the anode loss at the hull, propeller shaft, pressure plate, etc., and replace it if necessary.

The above maintenance work is not only suitable for winter, but also when you plan to not use the yacht for a long time. Since these are just some general routine maintenance, we suggest that you still need to carefully check the operating manuals that come with each device, because it often contains specific information for each device and important instructions for related maintenance.