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How to ship yacht

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1. Before the cargo is transported, it is best to remove the parts of the hull that are not fixed to the hull, such as the antenna on the ship, waste oil drums, garbage storage bins, etc.

2. All equipment, facilities and instruments in the boat shall be arranged and fixed to prevent the movement and damage of the facilities in the boat due to loading and unloading or shaking during sailing.

3. Before loading the cargo, the cargo owner should mark the actual position of each rib on the surface of the hull to attract the attention of the owner. Since most ships and boats are approached by waterways and hoisted from the water, the position of the ribs is often marked below the ship’s rail and above the waterline during actual operations.

4. Before loading the cargo, the main purpose of the cargo is to minimize the weight of the oil and water in the boat to prevent the entire center of gravity from changing during the hoisting process and causing danger.

5. If the cargo owner arranges lifting points on the hull, he must pay attention that the lifting points must be connected with the ribs, otherwise the hull will be torn apart during the operation because the hull plate cannot withstand the forc