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Yesterday, we participated in the Weifang International Marine Power Equipment Expo. The entire exhibition display is divided into the main exhibition area of the Expo and the Weifang Ocean Development Achievement Exhibition Area. Modern aquatic equipment, etc.



Flat open-open fishing boat

The inclination angle of the flat-open type fishing boat is larger than the tilt angle of other types of flat boats, while the tendency of the surrogate is small. This is mainly because it applies a ray, not due to the flat. Although its speed is slower than the flat sailing boat, it can be safe whe



Fishing boat speed ratio

It is generally divided into three basic types according to the speed ratio of the fishing boat. This is another dimensionless number. In addition to the flight of the fishing boat, in addition to the square root of the water line, it is obtained. For example, the maximum speed of 25 feet is 12 sect



Export of fishing boat to Singapore

Export of fishing boat to SingaporeToday, the fishing boat customized by the customer in Singapore has been put into production. Our technological process is carried out in strict accordance with the provisions in the customer's contract, which has been well received by the customer



How to choose a suitable private yacht

In fact, choosing a yacht is like choosing a car on the one hand, considering its driving performance, speed, range, service life, safety, etc. On the other hand, it is like choosing a house, which should be comfortable, convenient, well-designed, and decorated. Beautiful and luxurious, there are so



Basic knowledge of yacht daily maintenance

Basic knowledge of yacht daily maintenance



The correct operating procedures for yachts

First. Preparation before starting1. Check whether the battery voltage is consistent, whether the power is sufficient, and whether the connection of each line of the start-up system is correct and firm.2. Check the cooling system. Open the cooling water pump and the water inlet valve of the piping s



32.5ft aluminum alloy catamaran production completed

32.5ft aluminum alloy catamaran production completed,Going to sea for trial voyage



How to maintain the hull of a yacht

Avoid scratchesAlthough the strength of the fiberglass hull is relatively high, it is necessary to avoid being scratched by hard objects, to take anti-collision measures, and to moor and dock correctly,because most of the hull scratches are generated during the docking process, so Be extra cautious



Our yacht production workshop

Our yacht production workshop

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