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Reasons for the popularity of aluminum alloy boats

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The pure aluminum alloy ship adopts special marine aluminum alloy material, which has very high strength and safety, and has excellent rust and corrosion resistance. The following is an introduction to the reasons why pure aluminum alloy ships are so popular:

1. Light weight and fast speed. The weight of a pure aluminum alloy ship is much lighter than that of a glass fiber reinforced plastic hull and a steel hull, and the strength is very good, and it will not affect the net load of the hull. The reduction in hull weight has greatly improved the speed and fuel economy of the boat.

2. Good durability and long life. Pure aluminum alloy boats have good durability, and their service life is also very long. Ship inspection stipulates that the effective service life of aluminum alloy boats is 30 years.

3. Impact resistance. The impact resistance of pure aluminum alloy boats is stronger than that of FRP boats and steel boats. This will become more and more obvious as the service life of ships increases. Aluminum alloy materials have great advantages in impact resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. Personalized production. The pure aluminum alloy boat is easy to weld and can be customized according to customer requirements.