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Safety Rules for Yachts

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1. Smoking is prohibited in the docks and sailing cabins;

2. Those who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, infectious diseases, pregnant women and severe seasickness, please do not take the boat. If the tourists conceal the above information and accidents occur during the sailing, they will be responsible for the consequences;

3. You must line up to board the boat under the guidance of the staff, pay attention to safety on the floating dock, and be careful when going up and down the approach bridge steps to avoid falling into the sea;

4. Elderly people over 60 years old and children under ten years old should be accompanied by adults on the boat and be responsible for the guardianship of the elderly and children;

5. Please take good care of your mobile phones, cameras, video cameras and other valuables to avoid losing or falling into the water;

6. During the voyage, you should sit firmly and firmly, and at the same time, obey the command of the captain or staff. If you feel unwell, you should report to the captain in time;

7. In order to protect the marine environment and maintain the sanitation of the boats, it is strictly forbidden to discard garbage in the sea water and in the cabin;

8. It is strictly forbidden to bring dogs, cats and other pets on sailing boats;

9. In the course of activities such as diving, fishing or swimming, the captain or staff should strictly abide by the regulations or requirements of the captain or staff according to the prevailing situation and environment, and dangerous behaviors such as diving are prohibited.

10. Those who fail to comply with the above boating safety requirements or fail to obey the instructions of the captain during the voyage and cause adverse consequences shall be held responsible for themselves, and the damage to the boat’s property shall be compensated at the price;

11. If the normal sailing of the sailing boat is affected or endangered by the behavior of the tourist, and the dissuasion is invalid, the captain has the right to announce the return of the sailing, and the fee paid by the passenger will not be refunded;

12. At sea, some people are prone to seasickness. There are usually several ways to prevent them: adequate rest before going to sea and a good attitude when going to sea; post seasickness stickers or take seasickness medicine 30 minutes in advance; try not to stay in the cabin or on board In a closed space, it is best to stay in a place with a wide view and smooth ventilation; look at the mountains or islands in the distance, and apply wind oil and so on.