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The advantages and disadvantages of FRP yachts

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1. FRP is more corrosion resistant than aluminum alloy

2. FRP products produced by a certain production process are less prone to deformation than aluminum alloys to a certain extent

3. The service life of FRP is longer than that of aluminum alloy

4. It is more environmentally friendly, saves money, and may burn more money.

5. Not afraid of slight impact, hardness and strength are better than aluminum alloy, strong, some bulletproof clothes are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic.

6. The shape of the FRP fishing boat is cooler, more diverse, and highly moldable.


1. Slightly heavier than aluminum alloy, but has little effect.

2. The long-term temperature resistance is poor. Generally, ordinary glass fiber reinforced plastics cannot be used for a long time at high temperature. The strength of general-purpose polyester decreases significantly above 60°C, and generally only used below 100°C; general-purpose epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic has a strength above 70°C. Significantly down.

3. Aging phenomenon, this is a small problem. The general glass fiber reinforced plastic boat can be used for at least 20 years, while aluminum alloy can be used for more than ten or twenty years is very good.