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The components of the yacht industry

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1. Upstream of the yacht industry chain

The upstream of the industrial chain is the yacht design, manufacturing and supporting industries, mainly providing technical services for the yacht industry, yacht manufacturing, and including special engines, generators, professional instrumentation, navigation equipment, propellers, sailing gear, coatings, and safety equipment , Sanitary ware, electrical equipment, and other yacht accessories.

2. Midstream of the yacht industry chain

Yacht sales and consumer services are in the middle of the industry chain, and are the core links of the yacht industry chain. They are mainly responsible for the circulation of yachts and consumer services. Among them, yacht sales services include general agents, yacht sales companies, yacht exhibitors, yacht magazines, yacht websites, yacht information services, second-hand yacht management and other related businesses; yacht consumer services include yacht clubs, yacht driving, water sports training, Yacht escrow, maintenance, yacht leasing, yacht equipment and other industrial links.

3. Downstream of the yacht industry chain

At the downstream of the industry are a series of related industries and basic services, including supporting industries/services and related auxiliary industries. Basic services refer to the docks, waterways, industrial policies required for the economic operation of yachts, yacht safety, transportation, and customs declaration. As well as warehousing services, auxiliary industries include related manufacturing industries that provide equipment for water sports and consumer goods processing and manufacturing. All of the above industries and the services they provide are necessary links for the normal operation of the yacht industry. The lack of any link will affect the smooth development of the entire yacht industry.