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The difference between sailing, speedboat and yacht

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Sailing boats are more dependent on the wind, it depends on the sky to eat. Higher requirements for wind power. Usually the speed is relatively slow, and it is difficult to control when the wind is strong. The ship is a traditional ship with larger sails. The crew has high requirements for adaptability and high technical level. The entry price is low, and the high-end sails are mostly re-engraved and the price is higher.

Speedboats do not rely too much on wind, and are mostly powered by diesel. The main control room is generally low. In order to reduce wind resistance, the streamlined hull has lower requirements for operating technology and lower requirements for crew members. The entry level is cheaper, and the advanced level is more expensive.

Yachts are less dependent on wind, and their speed is relatively slow. The self-weight is large, the driving is slow, and the operation is relatively easy. The hull is larger, the superstructure is larger, and the interior is luxurious. The requirements for the crew's driving ability are not high, but the requirements for the evasion ability are higher. (Own action is slower, it is not easy to avoid excitement.) The overall price is higher.