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The impact of poor quality diesel on aluminum alloy yachts

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The quality of diesel directly affects the use of aluminum alloy yacht engines. Bad diesel will cause the following hazards to aluminum alloy yacht engines:

1. Diesel with more dust and impurities will accelerate the mechanical wear of precision parts.

2. Diesel with too low viscosity will break the oil film of the nozzle and plunger, poor lubrication, and reduce the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump; diesel with too high viscosity will cause the atomized oil particles to be too large and the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump will increase.

3. After burning diesel fuel with high sulfur content, SO2 and SO3 gas are generated, and sulfurous acid or sulfuric acid is generated when it encounters water vapor, which will cause chemical corrosion to fuel injectors, cylinders and pistons.

4. Diesel with too much moisture can cause the plunger and nozzle to sinter or rust. When some drivers regularly replenish the oil to the fuel injection pump, they don't need to drain the residual oil in the pump body before changing the oil. When the plunger or fuel pump oil leaks, water will flow into the pump body with the diesel oil. Because water is heavier than oil, water is always deposited at the bottom of the pump cavity, and it accumulates more and more, causing and causing The mechanical parts have different degrees of rust, which makes the plunger and the oil volume adjustment mechanism inflexible or even stuck.

5. The freezing point of diesel is high and the fluidity at low temperature is poor. In severe cold season, the movement flexibility of the mechanical parts of the governor is hindered, the speed control performance changes, and "speeding" occurs in severe cases. 6. Diesel with high residual carbon will cause serious carbon deposit at the end of the fuel injection nozzle and make the spray bad.