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The structure of the ship

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Ships are vehicles for maritime transportation. Although ships differ in size, the main parts of their structure are similar. The ship is mainly composed of the following parts:

(1) Shell

   The hull is the hull of the ship, which is formed by combining multiple steel plates with rivets or electric welding, including three parts: the keel wing plate, the curved outer plate and the upper outer plate.

(2) Frame

  Ship frame refers to the general term for various materials used to support the hull, divided into two parts: longitudinal and transverse materials. Longitudinal materials include keels, bottom bones and side bones; transverse materials include ribs, ship beams and bulkheads.

(3) Deck

  The deck is a steel plate laid on the beams of the ship, which separates the hull into upper, middle and lower layers. The number of decks of a large ship can be as many as six or seven, and its function is to strengthen the hull structure and facilitate layered stowage and loading.

(4) Holds and Tanks

   The cabin is a space for various purposes below the nail plate, including the bow cabin, stern cabin, cargo hold, machinery room, and boiler room.

(5) Super Structure

   Ship surface building refers to the building above the main deck for the crew to work, live and store the ship's equipment. It includes the bow house, stern house and bridge.