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What are the internal structure of the yacht

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The supporting facilities of yachts are generally customized according to the owner's own needs, especially for small and medium-sized yachts. Generally speaking, the supporting facilities of yachts are generally designed according to the functions of the yacht. According to different types and functions of yachts, the supporting facilities inside are not the same. There are roughly the following categories:

Small and medium-sized yachts are generally equipped with the following functions: the lower interior space, a master room, guest room, and bathroom; the middle floor has a living room, driving cabin and kitchen, and the tailgate road deck platform; the upper floor has an open-air observation deck and a bridge for sun protection And rainproof, usually also set up a soft canopy;

In terms of power and technology, it is equipped with engines, generators, radars, professional instruments, telephone communication equipment, air-conditioning equipment, household appliances, and even satellite navigation systems.

Yacht as a whole, the yacht is a sea mobile apartment that integrates modern office and family leisure. It has overall functional characteristics at sea. It can be used as a family leisure life on it, and it can also be used as a gathering of friends or entertaining friends. When used, it fully reflects the high quality of modern life and the high-quality style of people.

According to different functions, the facilities inside are also slightly different. Sporty types are generally equipped with high-power engines, while the facilities inside may be simpler, while leisure type yachts will pay more attention to family flavor, such as: kitchen, guest room, karaoke OK equipment, electronic game room, extended fishing stern, etc. to meet the family atmosphere of leisure.

The interior decoration of large yachts is very high-end and luxurious, and more attention is paid to the supporting installation of communication equipment, conference equipment and office equipment, which fully reflects the needs of modern corporate office.

The yacht's supporting equipment also includes: yacht's sewage treatment system, life-saving and fire safety system.